About Erik

About English Coach Erik

The story of how Erik became so passionate about English (and how what he learned can help you).

Even though Erik Lahdekorpi has received his Dual-degree BA in Chemistry and Biochemistry; Certification in Chinese, French, and recognition in Spanish; and the 120-Hour Bridge TEFL Master Diploma… he still sees each day as chance to learn and grow, especially with language and culture.

Erik originally started becoming passionate about languages when he was studying Chemistry at the University of Colorado. During this time he took a French language course that changed his life forever. He discovered that learning a language was not only a way to reach out to others but it was also a lot of fun!

The biggest secret Erik ever learned when it comes to learning a language is this:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

It is simple yet it will get YOU a very long way in business.

One of Erik’s, biggest fears when he first started teaching was his fear to make mistakes. However, in the very moment he decided to drop this fear, he started becoming a far more effective teacher. he never had to worry about his classes again.

When you are in Erik’s class you can feel that he is truly enthusiastic about his love for intercultural communication.

Erik, you not only give me great information on improving my English, but also give me great information on improving my life. Thank you Erik.

— Joseph Tang, One of Erik’s Former Clients

Contact Erik if you would like to learn more useful strategies for:

  • Doing business in America and other English-speaking countries
  • Business etiquette in the US and Europe
  • Cultural differences between Eastern and the Western world
  • Common mistakes to avoid when speaking in English
  • The Twelve most common mistakes Chinese speakers make in English and what to do about it
  • Tips and tricks for making learning grammar fun, (Yes FUN!)
  • How to catch clients attention to make them more likely to do business with you
  • Common cultural differences in body language
  • What NOT to do when doing business in America
  • How to use simple language to better understand a potential business client
  • Methods for handling and dealing with culture shock.
  • Tips on how to, without embarrassment, ask for someone to repeat what they said
  • How to handle any problems faced in everyday life in America
  • Uncover the 4 main topics that must be covered when doing business in America
  • Understand the 2 underlying drivers for American consumers
  • Work with you to overcome any concerns you may have with life in the US
  • Cater material designed to help you with your own unique needs
  • Tell Erik what you want to focus on and he will find a way to help


With Erik you can be assured that you will LEARN, and here’s why…

Erik guarantees that you will learn information, that will be valuable in your pursuit of speaking English confidently. At anytime if you feel that you are not satisfied with Erik’s classes (this does happen on occasion yet it is relatively RARE) let him know and he will take action to make sure that the class is arranged to best suit your needs.

Erik’s number one priority is making sure that the class time is valuable and worthwhile for his clients.

Erik is not fixed on pushing tedious and boring material that you will later forget.

Erik is, however, focused on a memorable time improving your confidence with English, where you learned something about English or even yourself, in the process. When you are with Erik, you will learn what you are searching for to take you to an even greater level of English.


What Are Sessions With Erik Like?

 When working with Erik you will have the opportunity to:
  • Practice speaking in a safe, professional, and fun environment
  • Learn the words that you need to make yourself clear
  • Master your pronunciation with, Erik, an American native English Speaker
  • Learn how to finally remember and use in a FUN and interactive way
  • Gain the confidence that you have been looking for to speak English with foreigners
  • Discover tips to help you learn English more efficiently and more effectively
  • Have a good time and remember that learning English can be fun!

Erik believes in service from day one of meeting a client.

Some of Erik’s clients have included numerous non-native English speakers yet is not limited to:

  • A doctor wanting to use language with his patients to show that he was professional and caring
  • The CEO of a law firm wanting to give her best impression for international clients
  • A teenager preparing himself for attending an English speaking university for the first time
  • The vice president of a bank wanting to make sure his English was up to par
  • An underwriter working on her presentation skills
  • A customer service representative wanting help to be friendly and professional
  • A computer programmer wanting to learn tips to improve English conversation
  • The manager of international fashion line focusing on mastering her communication skills
  • A grandmother wanting to better communicate with her grandchildren
  • A university student preparing herself for her masters degree
  • A job-seeker preparing himself for handling an interview with confidence
  • A scientist wanting to make sure he could present his scientific results with confidence
  • And any other profession you can think of… Erik can help!

Erik’s students are typically adults aging between late teenagers to retirees. He works best with people who are readying and willing to take their English to the next level and do business in America,  Europe, or Australia. He wants his clients to not only improve their English but also be more culturally aware.

If you have any questions, don’t wait. Contact Erik as soon as you can.  He’s here to help you take your English to an even higher level.


Click here and contact Erik to get started with improving your English today!